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To perhaps simplify last year’s resolutions a little, I hereby resolve to:

  • Construct a list of every questionable grammar rule, homophone or definition that gives me any kind of trouble. I’m talking about the difference between lay and lie, double check and double-check (would you believe one’s a verb and the other’s a noun? Totally not interchangeable. You can pick your brains up from the floor at your convenience), each other and one another, that and which, lay and lie, etc. This way, presumably, I’ll have to look them up a whole lot less.
  • Make a concerted effort to figure out how many hours of sleep I really need to function. I’m suspicious that 7 isn’t enough and that more than 9 is too much unless I’m catching up on sleep I’ve lost all week. Wherever that sweet spot is (say, if I really do need a full 9 hours of sleep), I want to get there so work requires less awake juice and I can get back to liking coffee because it’s delicious.
  • Double-check (‘sup!?!) my work before I tweet, text or send an email I’ve typed on my phone. I have a bad habit of typing it all, hitting the send button, reading it over, and realizing there’s at least one error (and it’s not Autocorrect’s fault).
  • Read on the subway. Last year I might’ve read two books in my spare time. That’s ridiculous. I still have a stack of unread magazines that date back to April. It’s embarrassing. Realistically, I won’t be reading my magazine collection on the subway, I’m just citing a very specific example of why my life in general needs more reading time.

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