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I’ve probably only ever heard two people say this, but it’s been said by two dudes who were both born and raised in New York City and still live here. Whenever someone’s done something worthy of commendation or concocted an excellent plan, they will know it when you tell them “That’s the move.” Whether they’ve solved a problem or provided sound advice, this is the way to tell them they’re doing it right.

Here are a couple of examples:

You: “I’ve been thinking about Saint Patty’s Day.”
Me: “Oh crap, I can’t believe that’s right around the corner.”
You: “Right? I’m not looking forward to the violence and the drunken danger.”
Me: “I hear you. I think I was almost stabbed last year when someone tried to replace their broken kidney with one of mine.”
You: “We should probably just try to convince [our mutual friend] to have a party on his rooftop and we’ll bring Jameson and steal the office kegerator so our Guinness keg doesn’t go cold.”
Me: “Yo, that’s the move right there.”

Him: “Good day, friend.”
Her: “Hello! How be thee on this fine noontide?”
Him: “Fine, fine, good madam! Care to join me for lunch? I harbor a mighty hunger.”
Her: “That’s the move, my good man!”

If I had to place it on a scale of connotation, it’s probably above “Good idea!” and below “That’s fucking brilliant! I’m going to give up trying to think of things because that solved everything so completely that I know I’ll never have a thought as pure! Congratulations and thank you!” So, you know, keep up the good work and keep on makin’ good moves.


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