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Full Albums:

  • A$SAP Rocky, Long.Live.A$AP1
  • T.I., Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head2
  • Tyvek, On Triple Beams3
  • Chief Keef, Finally Rich4
  • Big Boi, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors
  • Money Making Jam Boys, The Prestige
  • Queens of the Stone Age, Era Vulgaris

Random Excellence:

  • Cut Copy, “Take Me Over”
  • Eddie Money, “Where’s the Party”
  • Koko Taylor, “I’m a Woman”
  • Kendrick Lamar, “HiiiPower”
  • Schoolboy Q, “Raymond 1969”
  • The-Dream, “Veteran”
  • Wale, “Mirrors”

Songs of the Weeks:

  • The Stranglers, “Peaches”
  • Buzzcocks, “Why Can’t I Touch It?”
  • T.I., “Go Get It” and “Ball”
  • Schoolboy Q, “There He Go”


1. Everyone get on the “1Train,” am I right? It’s not just that he already has one of the better albums of the year under his belt, he also just crammed in every rapper who’s had a good two years or so onto one song. But of course, that’s just the tip of this iceberg. If he didn’t talk about Harlem every once in a while, you’d think this’d be one of the better Southern rap albums in a while, too. He’s sipping purp, rhyming right, and hustling the game’s pants off.

2. With the exception of the two songs of the weeks as well as the Cee-Lo and Andre 3000 songs, this is just a terrible album. Seriously, just abysmal. To be fair, though, those two songs of the week are genuinely excellent. More like Trouble Rhymes: Heavy is the Hand.

3. This one was a head turner. I found some songs almost too aggressive, but there were also some songs designed perfectly for rocking doors off of hinges and televisions out of windows. It’s not my favorite album, but it has its moments. It’s sort of like a garage-punk freakotut that I really want to particpate in for maybe 15 minutes at most.

4. Good god, why. I pretty much just winced my way through this album. Barely a thing on there I liked, particularly considering how “Don’t Like” was his, but then the whole G.O.O.D. Music crew came through and did it better. In fact, this album is that shit I don’t like.


I’m deep in the midst of a serious session of funemployment. It’s a little weird, because I haven’t had to play this game in probably about two years, but I think my résumé’s in an excellent place. Even better, all of my friends are in the same industry as I am. So that’s actually what’s been the most fun: looking around and realizing I can work for pretty much anyone right now. The options are out there, it’s just up to me to keep pursuing them.

I guess I also have to start looking for an apartment. The roommates and I seem to generally agree that, despite the excellent accoutrements and location, it’s in all of our best interest to move out. We just dislike the way management treats its residents as well as a number of debatably legal and renovation proceedings on some of the other floors.

So when people use the old cliché, “New year, new you,” I guess it applies more to me now than it ever really has.


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