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Just like last year—since telling you made me do it, too—I’ll be posting my resolutions.

In 2010, I resolve to:

  • Learn how to play at least one Robert Johnson song—and more scales.
  • Complain less and compliment more—particularly girls. It’s easy to compliment a dude, but complimenting girls is more difficult but also more rewarding when executed correctly.
  • “I will wear a tie when I don’t have to.”–Esquire, Vol. 153, No. 1
  • Continue fixing my life: 1. by exploring my neighborhood more. 2. by procrastinating less and writing, reading and playing guitar more 3. by doing things I love more often (see point 2). 4.  by drinking less coffee and getting more sleep. 5. by doing touristy shit, even if I can’t find a teammate. 6. by running. That is, I resolve to continue running because, even if it’s an hour of pain, the other 23 hours feel good. Also, I also may not see any of the effects but all my friends certainly seem to.
  • Go on “coffee dates” more. Or rather, “coffee meetings.” It’s not to date girls, but rather to stay in practice for those days when I do meet girls I want to date.

…are freakin stupid. Why would you ever buy something that accentuates your ears when you can just as easily get something that points at your junk?