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Hi. My name is Chris and I have all these theories and stories about life that I have to share; otherwise, they get jumbled in my head and I go all nutty. Apparently it’s a genetic thing–my grandma used to have these outbursts because she was keeping too much to herself. Now I have the internets and mad typing skills to keep me sane. Hopefully.

Furthermore, as fun as it is to be called Mr. ______, and considering how most people directed to this blog come from my facebook page, it would be totally awesome to let you write my last name all over this blog. But I won’t. It’s not you, it’s Google. I also love editing.


One Comment

  1. Hey, Chris:

    My name is Ben Cake. You mentioned the endorsement I wrote for the November issue of Esquire. I got laid off about a month ago but am glad that before I left I managed to get something in there that resonated with someone.

    All the best,


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