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Or, Self-Reflection, Pt. 039.

Anyway, I got my Mensa membership card in the mail a week ago tomorrow. I haven’t been to any meetings or get-togethers since, but I have found an increased hatred for my job. I’m worried that the affirmation that I do indeed belong in a group of smart motherfuckers has given me free reign over the assumption that I’m better than a career at Victoria’s Secret (See post before last). The point I’m trying to make is, I’m worried that I’m assuming that I deserve a better future instead of proving it, instead of doing it (Re: post before last post, “Screw you, TV!”).

I mean, I talked my mom into letting me buy an MXR Phase 90 today–ROOOOCCCKKK–but I’m still not in a band and I still haven’t written any lyrics in…a week? I did play guitar a lot today, but that was mostly because I had a new pedal I wanted to play around with. What needs to happen is I need to send more applications, write more lyrics and practice more scales.

Isn’t that always the trick, though? You wish away today so you can end up where you think you need to be? Surprisingly enough, when you get there it’s not necessarily where you want to be. But seriously, practicing scales is not nearly as cool as just sitting around and learning how to play songs by ear (and sometimes with the help of tablature).

And that’s what Mensa’s taught me about me so far. Tune in as we get more updates. This is Chris ______ wishing you a pleasant weekend. Mine’s  a three day weekend (wow, maybe Victoria’s Secret doesn’t suck all the time), so HA! Good morrow and good luck.


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